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2022-06-16 14:46:44 By : Ms. Pucca Liu

Two Mexican architects designed a modern, sustainable tiny home, and it barely shows its shipping container roots.

Rodrigo Alegre and Carlos Acosta, founder of the Mexico City studio StudioRoca, spent the last few years focusing more and more on environmental impact, and eventually developed the idea for Vivienda Minima de Descanso (VMD), or Minimal Leisure Dwelling.

VMD is a prefab one or two-bedroom home made out of repurposed shipping containers, with customization options throughout. The one-bedroom designs are about 322 square feet, and two-bedroom designs are about 645 square feet.

The basic VMD starts at $49,000 and is constructed in Mexico, then dropped by a crane into whatever location is chosen by the buyer. With the philosophy of minimizing environmental impact, VMD can be used totally off-grid, with solar panels and a rainwater tank. Specialized materials minimize energy needs throughout to keep the home as low impact as possible.